After 16 years of hiatus, the Jersey cult classic "Beer League" is back! Beer League Two, starring actor Jimmy Palumbo, is currently in production as a new series of shorts produced by Hillsborough New Jersey's 624 Productions LLC (Who’s Jenna…?) in association with Unhinged Entertainment (You’re Up).

The upcoming series of shorts were written by Jimmy Palumbo and Tom Baldinger, with Palumbo reprising the role of ‘Johnny Trinno,’ as he tries to put the softball team back together after the team’s 16-year suspension is lifted. Palumbo called into my New Jersey 101.5 show to explain.

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"I ran into a guy I did a little movie for named Tom Baldinger at 624 Productions," says Palumbo "A Jersey guy. I also hooked up with this guy named Greg Alprin, who's producing shows over at Stand Up New York. And I always had this idea to introduce the Beer League characters 16 years later"

Palumbo continues "So Tom and Greg are like, we got to do this, so I wrote something down. And we're calling it Beer League 2 but in reality, it will be released as a social media web series kind of deal. And I called up each cast member. And they all were very enthusiastic."

The original Beer League starred Artie Lange and Ralph Macchio. Will they be in it?

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"Ralph was very good about it he was interested," says Palumbo, Ralph came on my podcast last week and he can't wait to see it"

As for Artie Lange?

"Artie knows about it' says Palumbo "Artie Lange is just not quite ready to do anything" Palumbo says Beer League 2 could be "a love letter to Arthur Lange."

Those who are on board for Beer League Two include original cast members Anthony DeSando (Kiss Me Guido), Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Maddie Corman (Some Kind of Wonderful), Michael Deeg (The Bachelor), Jerry Minor (Community), Elizabeth Regen (Whoopi), Mary Birdsong (Reno 911), Alex Corrado (Gotham), Tom Bolster (Kissing Jessica Stein), Tony Mennuto (Live On Tape), and many other surprise cameos.

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In the original Beer League, Palumbo's character Johnny Trinno batted .706. Can he do that in Beer League 2?

"I don't know if I could bat seven or six. I'm hoping to bat.206" says Palumbo One of the themes we're going to cover as we move forward with this is, you know, these are older guys. Now they're in their 50s. Yeah. And they get it and get kind of challenged a little bit like can they play? So it's a little bit like, you know, old guys looking around saying, hey, you know, we're not the same athletes we once were, but we could still, we're still fundamentally sound we're just physically not. So it's a little bit about that. you are trying to play a sport you used to play just not at a high level that used to do and try to, you know, just for two hours a week, get your youth back. And that's just one of those themes."

The Beer League 2 shorts are scheduled to be released on March 30th to coincide with Major League Baseball’s opening day.

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