Dave Portnoy, of Barstool’s One Bite Pizza Reviews, is loving himself some New Jersey lately.

He’s out with a new set of reviews this time featuring four pizzerias from the Mercer County area.

Palermo's in Bordentown

His first stop was at Palermo’s in Bordentown, a restaurant whose name he constantly butchered (calling it Pal-meros). He actually tried two pizzas there: his usual cheese and a Trenton tomato pie.

The cheese slice wasn’t as crisp as he normally likes, but the flavor made up for it and he gave it a pretty impressive score of 8.2.

The owner, Giulio, insisted he try a tomato pie, since that is what they’re known for and Portnoy liked that one even more, complimenting the crispness and the seasoning. He gave the tomato pie an 8.5.

By the end of the video, he has also learned how to pronounce Palermo’s.

Marcelo's in Bordentown

His next stop was Marcelo’s Coal Fired Pizza, also in Bordentown. The visit got off to a good start since there was a Barstool Sports sticker in the kitchen. It turns out that Portnoy is turning into quite the Trenton tomato pie fan, because that is what he got at this stop, too.

He loved it, giving it an 8.2, and saying they may have to add the Trenton area to New Haven and Manhattan as a pizza mecca. He also successfully pronounced the name of the restaurant.

Marcelo's Pizza Grill in Hamilton

He then traveled to Hamilton Square to try Marcelo’s Pizza Grill. He was joined by Tik Tok star Sally Slices, whose family owns the joint.

He reviewed three different styles of pizza, with the tomato pie going first (after he lauded the Central Jersey pizza scene again). He liked that the slice didn’t flop and also tasted great, so another high score was handed out…8.1.

The next slice was from the pizzeria’s patented “Corleone” pizza, which is a much heftier style of pizza. While Portnoy claimed it was not his style, he still gave it an 8.1, too. The slice of the style he does prefer, thin plain cheese pizza, got the lowest score at 7.8.

Jojo's Tavern in Trenton

The final stop was at Jojo’s Tavern in Trenton. He wanted to try another tomato pie, but Jojo’s doesn’t serve one! He went with the plain pie and found it a little lacking; it wasn’t as crisp as he would have liked, so he gave it a 7.4.

But the real story was the second pizza he sampled: the owner talked him into trying his specialty, the pork roll and mustard pizza. Portnoy did not seem familiar with pork roll and he admitted that he doesn’t like mustard (even on hot dogs), so this wasn’t going to go well.

It didn’t.

He didn’t like that pizza at all (and to be honest, it sounds kind of gross to me, too). He said that it was as good as it could be with “two ingredients I don’t like.”

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