Being producer of the Bill Spadea Show, I get to hear Bill discuss his quest to become a stand up comic. I hear him talk about it at great length with the guests and our own morning show staff as well (Or pretty much anyone that will listen to be honest). So I thought, "hey, maybe I should try my hand at this comedy thing as well."

So I decided to start a new video web series called "Make a Comic Laugh."

I'm going to get REAL comics to join me, I'll tell them jokes and see what their reactions are. This week, I may have  been in over my head a little bit as I had the so-called "Pitbull of Comedy," comedian Bobby Slayton join me. Bobby was, well, if nothing else, uh, honest, let's say that.

Check out the video above to see how I made out. I'll give you a hint, we had to bleep out some of Bobby's reactions! Yikes!

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