Gov. Murphy's latest attempt to get you to take the vaccine could be to pay you to do it. The governor told Fox 5 News last Friday, “All options remain on the table. We’re going to do what it takes to get our folks vaccinated,” Murphy went deeper at his pandemic briefing Monday

"Are we willing to just basically bribe people to get vaccinated? Everything’s on the table. Literally, everything’s on the table."  So the solution to get people in New Jersey vaccinated is to throw money at us. I must admit it's a better idea than throwing beer at us with his "Shot and a beer" program.

Does Murphy really think he's governing a state of Homer Simpsons? "Hmmmm beer, oOK give me the shot." That's how low his opinion of the people of New Jersey is. Where exactly is Murphy getting this money to bribe people? Don't ask. You already know the answer and if you don't just look in your pocket.

To reach the state’s vaccination goal of 4.7 million vaccinated, according to Erin Vogt's post, 280,000 first doses would need to be administered each week this month while 220,000-second doses would need to be distributed each week through June, according to the state health commissioner. That's a lot of money that we in New Jersey don't have.

So how much money is Murphy offering to make it worth your while to put an experimental vaccine into your body? $100 seems to be a figure being thrown around. Would you sell your health for $100? Murphy thinks you'd do it for a beer.

Well if people are going to sell their souls for $100 it should be retroactive to everyone who got the shot. What's fair is fair. Then again none of this is fair. It's both pathetic and insulting that our governor believes he can solve problems by simply throwing our money at them. Remember it is our tax dollars that will be used to dole out these bribes. The same tax dollars that are being used to spend money on lawyers for those who are here illegally.

Then again, if Murphy's solution to a problem is to throw money at it, I wonder how much he'll be paying people to vote for him. Better he should give us a beer because if he wins reelection, we'll need a drink.

So how do you feel about paying people to get the vaccine? Here are some of my social media responses:

Robin Bickell Thompson
Only if they pay me for my pap smears and colonoscopies! This "everyone gets a Trophy" mentality is BS!

Alan Binger
No. The state should not pay people to take the "vaccine". I truly believe that if Phil Murphy could force everyone to take the vaccine he would. Remember, the Bill of Rights is "above his pay grade". He also stated at the beginning of the pandemic that if he could, he would seal the boarders of the state - something blatantly unconstitutional.

Lynn Ann Murray
NO the State already in a HUGE Financial Crisis Enough is Enough Stop the Madness Open Up the State Already !!

Melanie Wendt
No way then everyone should get paid for putting the vaccine in there body cuz no one knows what will happen year to come

Steven Keller
Since they're trying to bribe us I'd bet that the number of vaccinated people is much lower then they claim. Don't do it folks.

Dave Bell
Either get it because you believe it works or don't get it because you don't trust it. But if money is your deciding factor you're an idiot

Russ Del Core
Then pay me, my wife and child for having been vaccinated for chicken pox, measeles, mumps and polio. And while you're at it, pay me for my parents getting their childhood vaccines too, 90+ years ago

John Skinski
Pay for my property tax and I’ll talk.

Hershel Horn
If the private sector wants to offer give-aways is fine...otherwise, no deal.

Dana Schwartz Belka
Absolutely not!! If they pay you to take this vaccine, they should pay you to take the flu vaccine and any other vaccine! Why is this one any different?

Ed Farmer
No . . . Of course not. The government shouldn't be paying people to do, or not do, anything.

What incentive Jersey wants to get vaccinated

The incentives seem to be coming from everywhere. Many businesses are offering incentives like cash to their employees. Governor Murphy is even offering free beer if you get the shot. Is there anything that you entice you to get the shot? That's what Steve Trevelise asked his social media following, here's some of what they came up with.

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