It's a Friday in August, do you know where your employees are?


If they're like most New Jerseyans, they are already heading to the beach and are getting a jump-start on the weekend.

"Absolutely, you gotta take off on Fridays to get that three-day weekend" said Mike from Bayonne.

If it sometimes feels like your office is a ghost town at the end of the week, you're not alone.

"Everyone takes Friday off in the summer and everyone wants to leave early like pretty much everyday" said Kristin from East Windsor.

"They don't show up on Fridays or occasional Mondays, they come to work with the red face so you know they've been at the beach partying" said Kristin from Toms River.

"I don't work in the summer, or at least it doesn't feel that way" said Randy from Morristown.

August is typically a slow month in the office, but some employment experts warn that you could pay the price for all that slacking off, especially if your work isn't done and the boss starts to notice you're gone.

"It could definitely put you in a bad light, some boss' care, some don't, but if that cubicle is empty and work isn't complete, someone will notice for sure" added Mike from Bayonne.