About a year ago, Hackensack Meridian as well as Northwell Health systems announced that they started using a new technology in their hospitals and in particular in the emergency rooms. It’s called purple sun and it’s a Focused Multivector Ultraviolet (FMUV) light technology that is highly effective for disinfection.

Now, Resorts in Atlantic City has announced that they will be using that technology to make sure you are in a clean and safe environment while you’re enjoying yourself at the casino.

The Atlantic City casinos are doing everything they can to ensure your good health while they try to lure you back after the COVID-19 shutdown. Obviously, not everyone is going to feel comfortable returning to a recently re-opened casino, even with the requirement for decreased capacity, because of the potential for spreading germs. It’ll make a lot of visitors feel reassured to know that Resorts purple sun technology is definitely at the cutting edge.

According to a Resorts press release, “The PurpleSun products offer best-in-class efficacy, speed and workflow, treating contaminated areas and equipment for the purposes of disinfection in just 100 seconds with 99.9% efficacy.”

A good example of how hospitals use this technology is putting them around stretchers so that when they remove one patient from the stretcher, they can disinfected quickly so as not to pass germs onto the next patient, an article on cbslocal.com explained.

“In 90 seconds, all organisms receive enough UV light to kill them off,” Purple Sun founder and CEO Luis Romo said in the piece. The article goes on to say that there is good evidence to back up the claim, citing a study from the American Journal of infection control which showed that the device reduced microbe levels by an average of 98 percent. UV disinfection is also more consistent than manual cleaning and disinfection, where human hands can be less careful. If it’s good enough for a hospital emergency room, it’s good enough for you.

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