In a state like New Jersey in this day and age when both spouses have to hold down a job to raise kids, finding childcare can be challenging.

A generation ago the norm was dad went to work and mom stayed home with the kids. According to the latest stats, only about 2.4% of parents consider themselves "stay-at-home" moms or dads.

There are a lot more dads that do it today than ever before, but it's rare for either parent to stay home full time.

Add to that the growing number of single-parent households and the problem is magnified.

The task of finding someone to mind the kids when both parents are working is sometimes monumental. Many kids mature faster than others and become responsible at a very young age.

How young is too young to leave your kids on their own?

Some states have defined ages for which you can let your kids be on their own. In Illinois, it's 14. In Maryland, the age is 8.

So, what is the legal age in New Jersey? There is no set law on what age you can leave your child home alone in New Jersey.

Amazing that a state that has so many laws, especially regarding our own children, doesn't have a defined age.

According to parents who were surveyed on the topic, somewhere between 12 and 15 seems to be the most common answer.

In a state like New Jersey where there are many pitfalls of raising a child when it comes to state laws, you can leave your child at home alone at your discretion. Imagine that. You actually have some say over your own child's welfare in New Jersey.

Speaking of laws and children, did you know free speech doesn't always extend to baby names?

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Stacker scoured hundreds of baby name databases and news releases to curate a list of baby names that are illegal somewhere in the world, along with explanations for why they’re banned.

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