Three New Jersey cities have been named among the worst cities to live in by a website called 24/7 Wall Street. The website listed the top 50 worst cities in America and Asbury Park is 46th, Trenton is 29th, and Bridgeton is 13th. You can see the full list here.

The study used two dozen categories like violent crime rate, median home value, poverty rate, cultural attractions, and unemployment rates to arrive at their conclusions. Asbury Park was singled out for its high cost of living resulting in a high poverty rate (the study says the average household income in Asbury Park is around $39,000) and being in the top 10% in violent crime. Trenton’s high unemployment rate and low average income (35,000) contribute to its low ranking. Bridgeton’s high poverty rate (32%), high crime rate, and high cost of living make it undesirable.

The worst city, according to 24/7 Wall Street is Mendota, California. Most of the cities in the top 50 are in the southern and western parts of the U.S. and have lower educational attainment than the national average.

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