It’s no longer illegal to wear a bathing suit on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

The City Council on Wednesday voted to repeal the 1958 swimsuit ban, a move that thrilled Monmouth County residents.

“I think it’s appropriate” said an Asbury Park man.

“It makes no sense anymore, it was a very old 1950’s ordinance that needed to be amended and I’m sure there are more on the books that they need to look at” said another woman.

The existence of the 54 year-old law was brought to the council’s attention by a former councilwoman.

It carried a fine of $2,000 and 90 days in jail, but was rarely enforced.

“It’s just really silly. We have to come into the year 2012” said a lifelong resident of the city.

Councilwoman Henderson said the law should be up to businesses to enforce.

“Local restaurants can decide what they feel is appropriate, but times have changed here and I think we need to change with them.”


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