If the Sopranos really is the best television show ever written, then Mad Men has to come in a close second.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mathew Weiner, who once wrote for The Sopranos and received 2 prime-time Emmys as the show's producer, continues his fine work in Mad Men’s season finale.

As the sixth season comes to a close, we see the characters being freed from the shackles that bound them which sets the stage for a season seven, which will be the shows last that can take them anywhere. How fitting for a  decade in which Bob Dylan/birds sang “I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m ready for today”


We see Don Draper after a season of watching his make believe world that he created, fall down around him to the point where he breaks down in a Hershey meeting after fabricating a perfect pitch to get the client with his father using the chocolate bar as the “currency of affection” to telling the real story about how he was really an orphan in a whorehouse and only received the candy as a reward for going through johns pockets while they were “busy”

The final scene where “Don” whom I think will go back to his real identity of “Dick Whitman” next season, takes his high class children back to the bad neighborhood and house that he grew up in. BTW I think Judy Collins “Both Sides Now” was the perfect song to end it with. We are now left with the long 9 month wait for the next season, which cannot come soon enough.

Of course whenever I watch Mad Men and see the products they marketed, Chevy, Sinkist, Hershey, I’m reminded of all the old commercials that I grew up watching and stay in my head. What are the commercials you still remember from your youth?