It's not easy to admit, but I like an old teen TV show that even teens should be embarrassed to say they watched. It's called Beverly Hills 90210 (The original one).

It's like crack. Not sure how it started. I was busy with babies when it was first on, but somehow it caught up to me. Here I am, a veteran (yikes) radio talk show host on New Jersey's biggest radio station. I tell you this not so you can think I'm cool (although for a middle years Jewish housewife with frizzy hair and a "Thank-you-JLo-and-Kardashians-for-turning-it-chic" big ass, I am pretty cool), but so you can know how many people I talk to every day (Just under a million, btw). I should be better than this.

I've admitted on the air only a few times that under the cover of darkness when everyone's asleep I play back DVR'd episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and that it is my secret passion in the most ironic and "I-swear-I-don't-really-like-it" way. My kids think I'm out of my mind, but I cannot stop because of its sheer awfulness. Again, I didn't even watch it in its day, as I was way too old to be interested, but even after coming to it late, like a horrible accident where gross things are exposed for the world to see, I cannot stop looking.

I've found a podcast that celebrates this horrible excuse for a TV show the same way I do. It's called "Again With This" on The podcast appreciates 90210's nastiness just like I do. And just so you know, I get a from-the-bottom-of-my-toes thrill every time I hear the hosts say something I'VE THOUGHT MYSELF A GAZILLION TIMES. And I stand united with them (and as moved as the Black Student Union at a Roland Turner speech) every time I hear hosts Tara and Sarah say "F*#k you, Brandon!"

I've done some deep introspection about why I hate the goody-two shoes main character so much, when he's obviously the most perfect person in the world. And why I continue to watch despite throwing up in my mouth a little. I thought it was a serious character flaw, and now I know: I am not alone.

Is there a TV show you watch just for its horribleness? Let us know!

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