It's a fair question given that NJ has entered Day 372 of 15 days to stop the spread. We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that we see the most excess deaths in places that remained locked down, masked up and afraid. Countless thousands are not getting needed medical care for fear of being isolated with a COVID test proven to be wildly inaccurate. Countless thousands are still unemployed and out of business while many are still afraid to leave their house. Now we know that there are dozens of mutations and thousands of variants for coronavirus and there is uncertainty among the so-called "experts" as to the efficacy of the vaccine going forward.

For me and my family, we simply never locked down. We traveled between family and friends in and out of state and encouraged people to visit and socialize. Our kids saw their friends and enjoyed life by taking advantage of remote school. Increased sleep, more time to eat properly and socialize. Looking at the number of people flying around the country right now, it seems most people are with us and ready to be normal.

According to the TSA, yesterday marked the 11th consecutive day that more than a million people passed through security checkpoints. It also marked the first time since the day before the nation went into lockdown that more than 1.5 million people traveled though our airports. This is good news for anyone with a business and family who are ready for normal. It's bad news for NJ as we still grapple with those so afraid of a non-existent health "crisis" that they think humanity should be defined as super-spreaders.

For me, it's an exciting time as I am joining my friend and huge talent Michael Martocci along with the Ol' Blue Eyes Orchestra on stage at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank on April 10th and 11th. We have two shows on Saturday and one on Sunday. Seating is limited so click HERE to join us. I'll be unmasked and ready to go! Hope you can join us.

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