Many years ago I made a commitment to myself to never sell anything online because I had had too many friends who got burned by trying to sell things to strangers. But I decided recently to jump back in to the online selling fray since I figured that enough time had passed, and enough security measures had probably put been put into place that I could feel more secure than I had in the past. But as we all know, behind every safeguard is a bad guy looking for a way to get through it. that’s why it’s still prudent to be very cautious when you list things to sell online.

My recent experience involved 16 candelabras I was trying to sell on a popular website.
When a very poorly-spoken person contacted me by text, I started to be suspicious about his motives. Below are the screenshots with my communication with this “buyer“. Now you have to tell me if you think it’s a potential scammer or if this is a legitimate inquiry about the merchandise I listed for sale.

Screenshots from Judi Franco

Shortly after my back-and-forth with the scammer, I received another strange text. Obviously now that my number is on this website, it’s open season for anyone else to try to use my number to scam other people. The person apparently sent me a code.. and if he gets it, he owns my number!! So this is what happened next…is this also part of the scam???

By the way, this is how I ended the interaction with the first person. I think he knows I'm onto him now....

Screenshots from Judi Franco

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