🍗 NJ grocer is cutting prices this summer

🍗 Promotion taps into concerns about inflation

Feeling the sticker shock at the grocery store?

One grocery store chain feels your pain and wants to help keep some money in your pocket this summer.

Aldi is planning to pass along $100 million in savings through Labor Day by further dropping its prices on more than 250 items.

The price drop will nearly double savings from last year, building on the grocer’s recent announcement, reducing prices to save shoppers more than $60 million, the company said.

Aldi- photo, Steve Trevelise
Aldi- photo, Steve Trevelise

This summer, Aldi vows to reduce the costs of everything from picnic necessities, barbecue essentials, travel-ready snacks, and more.

Simply Nature: Chia Seeds, a protein-packed, plant-based addition to smoothies, salads, and more will cost $4.89, down from $5.45 from now through Labor Day.

Specially Selected: French cookies will drop 40 cents this summer from $4.59 to $4.19.

Southern Grove: Dried Mediterranean Apricots, costs $2.99 instead of $3.39.

Grilling? Good news. Black Angus sirloin steak will drop from $8.49 to $6.99 through Sept. 2.

Photo, Steve Trevelise
Photo, Steve Trevelise

This summer’s full price reductions list include:

Better-for-You Foods

Simply Nature: Chia Seeds
NOW: $4.89 Was: $5.45

Simply Nature: Organic Avocado Oil
NOW: $5.49 Was: $5.65

Season’s Choice: Frozen Blueberries 24oz
NOW: $3.59 Was: $3.99

Simply Nature: Organic Pinto/Kidney Beans
NOW: $0.99 Was: $1.16

Olena Palaguta
Olena Palaguta

Picnic Necessities

Specially Selected: French Baguette
NOW: $1.49 Was: $1.59

Specially Selected: Macarons
NOW: $4.19 Was: $4.59

Vitalife: Assorted Kombucha
NOW: $2.29 Was: $2.39

Simms: Summer Sausage
NOW: $4.19 Was: $4.49

Emporium Selection: Cracker Cuts
NOW: $2.69 Was: $2.89


Travel-Ready Snacks

Simply Nature: Organic Granola Bars
NOW: $3.49 Was: $3.99

Benton’s: Cookie Thins
NOW: $2.69 Was: $2.99

Southern Grove: Dried Cranberries 6oz
NOW: $1.75 Was: $1.95

Southern Grove: Sunflower Kernels 16oz
NOW: $2.79 Was: $3.39

Southern Grove: Dried Mediterranean Apricots
NOW: $2.99 Was: $3.39

Alexander Shalamov via ThinkStock
Alexander Shalamov via ThinkStock

BBQ Essentials

USDA Choice Black Angus Sirloin Steak
NOW: $6.99 Was: $8.49

Family Pack Chicken Breast
NOW: $2.19 Was: $2.49

Burman’s: Steak Sauce
NOW: $1.89 Was: $1.99

Season’s Choice: Frozen French Fries 32oz
NOW: $2.49 Was: $2.79

Park Street Deli: Pulled Pork/Pulled Chicken
NOW: $6.99 Was: $7.49

As of April 2024, there are 2,372 Aldi stores in the U.S., with 61 of them in New Jersey.
According to the company, Aldi plans to add 800 stores across the country over the next five years, as well.

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