BRICK — Two police officers who helped save a 21-month-old boy from choking to death recently reunited with the family.

The child, Bruce Travers, began choking during a bath on Sunday evening, June 9, according to Brick police.

The toddler's father, Ryan Travers, saw his son vomiting and choking and began first aid "back blows." The mother, Melissa Travers, who also is a nurse, began helping as the family called 911 and carried the toddler downstairs and out the front door to meet first responders.

While waiting, the young child became unresponsive and his mother began administering CPR.

In less than three minutes, Officers Tyler Stephenson and Kevin Docherty arrived and helped try to resuscitate the child, managing to help clear his airway by the time EMTs got there, according to police.

After a few days in the hospital recovering and being monitored, the toddler went home.

On Thursday, June 20, Officers Stephenson and Docherty were reunited with the Travers family as the parents, who also have a three-year-old son, thanked the men for their actions.

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