New Jersey residents are facing greater threats to their personal safety and property.

Home invasions, public assaults, car thefts, theft of property, cybercrime and mass shooting events continue to make news.

It has never been more important to be aware of the dangers we face, and how best to keep ourselves and the people we love safe and secure.

These threats also extend to New Jersey businesses as they confront rising theft rates and an increase in the number of armed robberies.

Join me at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11 to learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your business.

The latest edition of Access New Jersey will give you access to the experts at Acteon Networks.

We’ll be discussing the things you can do right now to safeguard your home and business property, and sharing some exciting new technologies that can further enhance your security.

Acteon’s Chris Devanney says many of the ways we can protect ourselves sound like common sense, yet there are constant stories of these simple tips being overlooked, and people paying a steep price as a result.

If you are a business owner, the threats go beyond burglaries and loss prevention. Devanney says a growing number of businesses are turning to technology as safeguards.

“One false accusation can ruin a business,” Devanney warns, “We can show business owners how to use technology to prevent a human resources disaster.”

Access all you need to know about personal, family, and business security. Join me for Access New Jersey, live, on the New Jersey 101.5 Facebook page at 7 p.m. Jan. 11. Click on the Facebook Event below to RSVP or invite friends who may be interested in joining us, too.

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