As the calendar changes to 2014, New Jersey has a huge event to look forward to in less than a month. The eyes of the world will be on The Garden State for football's biggest game.

Super Bowl XLVIII is officially being promoted as taking place in "NY/NJ", but we all know where the teams will be playing - right here in Jersey.

But, as tens of thousands descend on the area for "The Big Game", where are they going to go to spend their money and free time? Unfortunately, probably New York City. But it could have been here:

Flickr user LancerE

At The American Dream Mall (formerly known as "Xanadu").

The huge, ugly, and empty shell of a folly will be on display, literally for the whole world to see.

Ground was broken on what was supposed to be one of the biggest malls in the world nearly 10 years ago.

As recently as just last January, there was speculation over whether the project may be completed and the mall opened by game day. But, as has been the case for nearly a decade, the target date came and went without so much as a single ribbon being cut.

Just think about it - how much money could New Jersey have made with the proposed 300+ stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and even an indoor theme park and what was supposed to be the very first indoor ski slope in the country only feet away from all the action?

But instead, spectators will be forced to get in their cars or get on mass transit for their entertainment and to spend their money. Do you think they're going to hang out in Secaucus? No, they're probably going to just take the 20 minute ride into The City.

All while the over $3 billion dollar behemoth sits derelict only steps away.

There's something to be proud of, New Jersey, huh?