Jim read this email on air today and it's worth reading if you didn't hear about it.

I gotta run...the snow plow is headed my way! (Craig Allen photo)

One of Jim's listeners, who is a disabled veteran from Howell, wanted to thank one of his neighbors for plowing out his house for him. The listener, Joe from Howell, was so appreciative he wrote this email to Jim. It's good to know that neighbors still help each other here in New Jersey.  You can read the email below.

Jim I want you to know about a neighbor of mine in Howell that has taken the time from his own business to plow the snow from our driveway twice since this storm started. First time was at 2am and then again at 8am. I have lived here for 15years and it is the first time anyone has taken the interest in helping me and my wife in need of snow removal. Briefly I am a disabled veteran from the Vietnam era and have been in need before when we have had snow storms like this. No one has taken interest in helping, and I have asked with regret in the past. I just wanted my neighbor Pat to be recognized for his caring and help.


- Joe from Howell