Memorial Day weekend is coming up, which means tourism season at the Jersey shore is upon us, so we have some things to clear up.

There are some unwritten rules that should be followed when enjoying a day at the beach. For those not in the know, I’ve written them here.

Local New Jerseyans will thank you for adhering to these guidances (I mean, we won’t actually say "thank you," but we at least won’t talk about you behind your back, and that’s a Jersey Thank You).

Don’t feed the seagulls

This seagull landed in Asbury Park! (Craig Allen photo)
Craig Allen photo)

Let me be absolutely clear: people around you can’t stand you. You’re wasting the food you overspent your money on and you’re bothering everyone in your vicinity by inviting the Seagulls over.

No one is charmed by you giving the Seagulls your fries, you’re only making them more comfortable with stealing unwilling participant’s food.

Spray sunscreen before you get there

Suntan Lotion Popular on Florida Beach
Getty Images

I’ve never been laying on my towel, listening to the waves crash and thought “I wish my mouth could be filled with the fake coconut flavoring of someone else’s sunscreen.”

For that reason, the people who spray their sunscreen at the beach baffle me. Don’t you realize that when you spray yourself out in the open it travels with the wind?

Do your skin and those around you a favor and put on sunscreen before you’re even in the sun like the instructions say.

Don’t sit too close to other people

Couple in loungers on a tropical beach at Maldives

People who sit within 10 feet of other parties when there is plenty of other space on the beach: what’s your deal? We’re all just trying to enjoy our day near the ocean, we don’t need to be on top of each other.

Don’t play music loudly

Party time on the beach

Piggybacking off of not sitting too close: if you are close, don’t be rude with your music. You don’t know the tastes of everyone around you, so don’t assume they want to listen to your music.

Chances are they don’t.

Play your games away from others

Volley Net Jump
Nick Fingerhut

This may be a specific neurosis of mine, but I’m sure there are others out there who feel this way. Anyone who decides to play a game of catch, whether with a frisbee or a football, or volleyball: do it away from others.

No one is going to be impressed with your athletic skills, you’re only going to stress people out thinking that they’re going to get hit in the head. Go far away from others and then enjoy your game.

Throw away your trash

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

I know it seems obvious, but then suddenly I find myself stepping on cigarette butts and random coffee cups.

This shouldn’t have to be spelled out for you, but don’t ruin other people’s beach days by being so lazy with your own.

If you bring a tent, don’t be selfish

Photo by NaraJiva on Unsplash
Photo by NaraJiva on Unsplash

To those who want a beach day without the inevitable sunburn, you should think about others as much as you’re thinking about your skin.

If you’re bringing a tent to the beach, don’t park yourself smack dab in front of the ocean, you’re blocking the view for the rest of us.

In conclusion, be aware of others and enjoy your time catching some rays in the sand.

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