On October 9th, 1804, The Great October Hurricane hit the Mid-Atlantic states and New England. It was the fist hurricane in recorded history to produce snowfall (although other hurricanes have done so since). While the New England states suffered more damage (the stormed stalled over Massachusetts), the Mid-Atlantic states, including New Jersey, were also hit.

A ferry was overturned near Trenton and another ship was run aground near Absecon. Massachusetts, however, received up to 14 inches of snow with winds that blew the steeple off the Old North Church. Its unique timing and unusual characteristics (including prevailing winds toward the southwest) have only been duplicated a few times since. The hurricane snowfall was also rare happening only a handful of times including the Halloween Storm of 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Throughout the country, the hurricane was responsible for 15 deaths at sea and one inland. The storm caused $100,000 worth of damage (in 1804 dollars).

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