It was a year ago today that I had my bladder removed in the hope that it would forestall the spread of the cancer that had invaded my body, and to this point, the surgery, and the chemotherapy seem to have worked. I got the results of my most recent C/T scan this morning (I have one every three months) and it was cancer-free. My favorite word in the Radiologist’s analysis is “unremarkable”. That is the word they use to describe totally normal organs. There were a lot of “unremarkables” in today’s report, so I get to be happy for three months.

As a follow up to my kidney issues, I had a biopsy done last week and the nephrologist determined that the diminished function I’ve been experiencing likely will NOT continue to get worse, it’s just a vestige of the damage the chemotherapy did to my kidneys, so now I have a “new normal”.

So, to sum up, its been nothing but good news lately and while Stage IV Bladder Cancer that metastasizes (which is what I had) has a five year survival rate of only 5 percent, I am planning on beating those odds.

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