New Jersey has apparently produced a lot of great baseball players and a former co-worker of mine here at New Jersey 101.5 has written a book about it. John Rust (who was often referred to as “Igor” on the air) is New Jersey born and bred and worked here at the station before heading west to seek his fortune. Long, long, long time listeners might remember John for dressing up as a Barney-like dinosaur (we got a “cease and desist” letter for calling him “Barney”) to test a New Jersey town’s cursing ban.

Anyway, John, true to his Jersey roots, has written a book about baseball players from the Garden State and even put together a 25 man roster of New Jersey greats. It’s called "New Jersey’s All-Time Baseball Team" and is available as an e-book from Amazon. Ok, so I haven’t read it (I don’t even know how to get a review copy of an e-book), but I know that John is passionate about both New Jersey and baseball, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I get around to reading it.

I’ll have to go by the description on the site that promises to tell us which hall of famer got hired by DuPont just to play on the company’s team (like Mr. Burns did on “The Simpsons”) and "what Jamesburg native set three MLB records that stand to this day.” John even had his team of Jersey’s all time greats play simulated games against other historic teams, but to find out how they did, you’ll have to buy the book.

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