You're never too young to stand up for what you believe in.

That certainly applies to middle school student Dylan Lynch who organized a protest at his middle school over the mask mandate. He and dozens of other students decided to take off their masks throughout the school day as a protest against a policy that many families have raised serious concerns over.

Beyond the issues of masks, which I've written about extensively over the past year, this is a great sign that America's youth are capable of recognizing and pushing back against government overreach.

Many people disparage and dismiss young people and their opinions. But in a time where government and corporate leaders have made so many dangerous and deadly mistakes, maybe a little common sense from some kids is exactly what the world needs right about now.

'You're never too young to stand up for what you believe in'

I want to thank my friend Eric Potts for doing an outstanding job filling in for me while I'm out and having this courageous young man on the air to explain his fight. Here's the conversation with Eric Potts when Dylan called the show on his way to school the morning of the protest.

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