Don’t you hate when all of a sudden you feel a chill in the air and you didn’t even realize summer had come to an end? That’s because you didn’t celebrate the end of the summer by squeezing out every last glorious drop of it.

Fall brings its own fun activities, but those of us who live in New Jersey understand that there are some benefits of living near the most beautiful shoreline in the country and you’ve just got to experience them in the summer. But the beach is not all that we do here that makes New Jersey such a special summertime place.

With the warm weather coming to an end, it’s important that you get one more last gasp of summertime fun. Pick one of these activities and do it this week or maybe next. Especially if you took the summer for granted, don’t let the cooler weather coming without sending summer out with a bang.

  • 1

    Outdoor barbecue

    I use my outdoor grill all year long so it’s not the barbecue itself that feels like summer. It’s the couple of people you invite over. And the music and smoke in the air. Even if nights are a little chilly, he can still have friends over on the deck or in the backyard to enjoy a couple of cold beers and a burger with music playing in the background and a couple of tiki torches.

  • 2

    Pool time

    Sit by your friends pool with a cocktail in your hand this week. Even if the weather is a little cooler or a little chillier. You need to get in those last weeks of summer.

  • 3

    Beach day

    Take a day, afternoon, or a morning off and go to your favorite beach. All geared up. Sunscreen magazine good book beach chair umbrella, the whole 9 yards. You may have taken it for granted this summer so you want to get one last good push in before it ends.

  • 4


    Take a walk up and down a busy boardwalk. Buy an ice cream cone or some kind of boardwalk food. Put if you quarters down on a game. Buy a cheap pair of sunglasses or a cute pair of flip-flops. Have some salt water taffy. Just sit on a bench and look out at the ocean and the waves.

  • 5

    Rooftop bar

    Night might be a little cooler but bring along a sweater and sit and have a meal or a cocktail on one of the beautiful rooftop bar/restaurants there are in New Jersey. Get a great view of either an ocean or a city skyline and kick back and enjoy what you probably won’t be able to do in the winter time.

  • 6

    Great Adventure

    The all time quintessential summer fun day is at Six Flags. They do have certain fall days where they’re open, for instance for Fright Fest during Halloween, but for the most part great adventures season is coming to a close. Even if you just go for an hour or two and walk around the park, ride a couple of rides (they don’t even have to be the scary ones!). Just the atmosphere of walking around in an amusement park like Great Adventure will make you feel like summer can never end. Whether you are a kid or you have grandkids, nothing really says summer like Great Adventure.

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