If it hasn’t been made clear enough in my writing, I happen to cook a lot. And by a lot I mean most if not all days of the week.

I wouldn’t be able to do this, however, if I didn’t have certain meals down to a science. Over time my pantry has become more and more uniform, as I make sure to always have certain ingredients stocked away.

When it comes to flavor while cooking, my meals simply wouldn’t be as delicious if I hadn’t discovered my go to sauces. Here are five that I could not live on without. And if you’d like to make a quick weeknight meal as I do, these always make you feel like a gourmet.

  • 1

    Bulgogi Sauce Kalbi Marinade

    This marinade has made cooking meats in large quantities so much easier! It is filled with flavor and also has delicious sesame seeds in it which adds the perfect crisp if you choose to fry or cook your meat on a high heat with this marinade. I prefer to marinate my fish in this sauce as it soaks up every inch of it and is bursting with flavor in each and every bite.

  • 2

    Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce

    I swear I go to the market once a week for more sweet chili sauce. Now I'm not sure if it’s my constant fear that it’ll be discontinued that makes me leave Trader Joes with five bottles, but either way it’s a necessary purchase. I love topping salads and cooked veggies with this sauce as it adds the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor without being too overwhelming.

  • 3

    Whole Foods Shawarma Marinade

    If you like a little bit of spice or don’t have any type of shawarma near you, you have to get this marinade. Anytime I want to transform a dish into something flavorful and unique I add this marinade and it works wonders! I usually opt to use it with chicken but it’s delicious with anything.

  • 4

    Cedars Tzatziki Dip

    I love a good Greek meal and Tzatziki is obviously the secret ingredient to any great mediterranean dish. Whether it’s chicken, french fries, or even straight dipping veggies, Tzatziki gives every dish the perfect amount of moisture and flavor it needs. My favorite thing to do with Tzatziki is make fish kebabs along with some garlic parmesan fries and of course more Tzatziki on the side for dipping.

  • 5

    Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos

    If you are sensitive to salt and are sick of soy sauce, try coconut aminos. They give your dish the perfect amount of flavor you are looking for without that residual salty taste. I can’t tell you the last time I used soy sauce after discovering this product.

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