By Jeff Deminski

Lying sick in bed for days, you come across weird things on the internet out of boredom. This one I thought was pretty cool. Buzzfeed compiled a list of interesting facts about the movie 'Titanic', many of which I never knew.

Here are the five most interesting facts I came across:

  1. Matthew McConaughey was the original choice to play Jack Dawson.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow was the original choice to play Rose DeWitt.
  3. Most actors wore wetsuits for scenes in freezing cold water. Kate Winslet refused to for authenticity's sake. So when Rose goes looking for Jack in the flooding corridors of the ship, her reactions to the freezing cold ocean water are completely genuine. In fact, she later developed pneumonia due to these scenes.
  4. James Cameron drew all the sketches, including the famous one done by Jack Dawson as Rose models nude for him. In fact the hands you see sketching in that scene are not DiCaprio's but actually lefty Cameron's, and they mirror imaged the shot to make it appear that of the right handed DiCaprio's.
  5. Kate Winslet, knowing one of the first scenes she would be shooting would be that nude scene, playfully flashed Leonardo DiCaprio upon their first meeting. If only the Titanic itself could have had such an ice breaker!

You can view the full list of 'Titanic' facts via Buzzfeed by clicking here.