The New Jersey subreddit is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you’re looking for a Spotted Lanternfly being shot in slow motion or a bunch of New Jerseyans trashing some random person on Twitter claiming we call Dunkin’ “dunkies” (excuse me?), it’s always entertaining.

One thread, in particular, caught my eye this week.

User “cheneyk” asked what facts about New Jersey sound made up but aren’t and the Reddit community truly delivered.

Here are some NJ facts that you may not have known:

“Cape May is further south than most of Baltimore”

Submitted by U/pixel_of_moral_decay, this one definitely threw me for a loop. I had to fact-check it, despite knowing the concept of the thread was “you’re going to think this is made up but it’s not.”

Sure enough, it checks out!

Google Maps
Google Maps

“Every single baseball used across Major League Baseball is rubbed with mud from NJ.”

Forgive me, U/TechnoAllah, I’m not a big sports person so I had no clue! I’m glad to know the Garden State is present in each baseball game.

Apparently, teams don’t like to use brand new baseballs, they’re too shiny and clean.

The solution? New Jersey mud.


I guess we’re earning the reputation of the Dirty Jerz.

“NJ is home to the longest running rodeo in America”

When you think of horses and bulls at a rodeo, you may not necessarily think of New Jersey. However, Cowtown Rodeo has been around since 1929, making it the oldest professional rodeo in the U.S.

“The first dinosaur fossil in North America was found in New Jersey.”

Fellow Jurassic Park fans, unite! America’s first fossil was discovered by Dr. Caspar Wistar in Gloucester County in 1787.


“The Driscoll Bridge is the widest bridge, by number of lanes (15) in the world.”

According to Wikipedia,

“With a total of 15 travel lanes and 6 shoulder lanes, it is the widest motor vehicle bridge in the world by number of lanes and one of the world's busiest.”

Joe Votruba photo
Joe Votruba photo

Who knew?

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