One of the most essential beach items next to sunscreen and a bathing suit, the beach chair has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Most of us remember the days when we lugged our plastic (or worse, metal) beach chairs across the long sandy beach only to spend an uncomfortable day at the shore and then carry them all the way back to the car! In 2013, beach-goers are incredibly lucky when it comes to choosing the right beach chair. Besides providing a great way to relax, several beach chairs are stylish, comfortable and easy to carry. While there are still a few weeks of summer left, check out some of the best beach chairs that are also convenient and functional!

The Pizazz Chair, $29.99 at

Cool choices of colors and a low position directly on the sand are just two of the nice features of this chair. The Pizazz beach chair surprisingly offers a great deal of comfort as it hugs the back, legs, and bottom and provides openings to allow open airflow.



Ostrich 3-in-1 Beach Chair $85.49 at

With closeable openings for the face and arms for the option to lay on your stomach or your back, this beach chair has a lot to offer when it comes to functionality. The Ostrich chair adjusts to 5 positions with a foot rest in 3 positions, is lightweight and comes with a carry strap and cup holder.


Zero Gravity Backpack Lounger Beach Chair, $99.99 at

We've all heard the phrase, "take the load off" after a long day (or week) of work. The Zero Gravity beach lounger takes that saying to a literal level with advanced technology as it responds to your body weight to adjust to the perfect angle for maximum relaxation. You'll give your joints and muscles a break and feel weightless in this easily transportable and beach chair with padded straps.


Rio Brands WearEver Deluxe Backpack Lounger / Chair, $77.90 at

Make the walk out to your spot on the beach an easy one with this hands-free backpack lounge beach chair with a removable fold-out foot rest that flips into a multipurpose table which can be also be positioned to use as back-support for reading a book or magazine. A pillow and a cup holder complete the perfect package for a long, relaxing day at the beach.


Beach Lounger Chair w/ Speakers and Digital Amplifier, $299.99 at

It's the mother of all beach chairs - a portable, luxurious, and innovative lounger with countless features. The Beach Lounger Pack Chair comes with two attached coolers, an umbrella, a tote bag, a pillow, extra storage and a removable leg support that can also be used as side table. As if that's not enough...this chair also comes with two speakers plus a digital amplifier for use with phones and music devices! Did we mention that this lounger has wheels and packs easily into a luggage roller?

Share with us below in the comments - would you spend the money for a fully-functional, exceptionally comfortable beach chair?