Driving in New Jersey can take otherwise good people and make them crazy. I know because I am one of them. Nothing makes me as frustrated in record time as hitting the road right here in the Garden State. In a perfect world, I'd be the only one on that road and be able to drive as fast as I want; but that is not the case.

There are so many things that annoy me about driving in New Jersey that I figured I'm not the only one; so, I asked my radio and social media followers what annoys them most about driving in New Jersey. See if you can relate to any of these. Personally, I can relate to many of them.

(Photo: Leon, Unsplash)
(Photo: Leon, Unsplash)

People in the fast Lane driving slow
John Speciale

Jug handle left-hand turns.
Max Dolcelli

If the light is green. What is everyone looking at? Apparently at everything but the fact that the light is green.
MOVE !!!!
Jayne Malone

Other drivers!
Butch Budai

Roundabout (Photo: Adam Berkecz, Unsplash)
Roundabout (Photo: Adam Berkecz, Unsplash)

Roundabouts! (circles)
Cindy Zwicker

Drivers tailgating in the right lane.
Joey Novick

The 10-minute right turn.
Have you ever been behind someone that begins decelerating in front of you to turn right at an intersection for at least two blocks ending with a right turn that is almost from a full stop, holding you up with a line of traffic that wants to continue driving straight through?
Mark Gruzlovic

This may be minor, but my biggest pet peeve is when I see people turning over the solid double line in a road.
Gail Morrone

Headlights (photo: Alexander Jawfox, Unsplash)
Headlights (photo: Alexander Jawfox, Unsplash)

A-Holes who keep their brights on as they approach your car!
Thomas Thomi Hawk Hickey

Not knowing which lane to be in to turn left. It can change 10 times in 3 miles
Chris Orion

Watching New York drivers in the left lane driving slow and not moving over!
Rick Verso

Lanes closed for construction when there's no construction
Dominick Saraceno

Lakewood, NJ (Photo: Google Maps)
Lakewood, NJ (Photo: Google Maps)

Lakewood. Nuff said
Gino Formaroli

Route 18.
Dante Mele

No turn signals & throwing trash/cigarette butts out the window
John Hamer

Drivers slam their brakes on when they see someone standing on the curb, waiting to cross. The law states that you must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk until they reach the other side. NOT TO STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS WAITING ON THE CURB!’ I see this idiocy all the time in Ocean City.
Tom Evans

(Photo: Thinkstock)
(Photo: Thinkstock)

The drivers mostly but the roads in PA are so bad now that I actually prefer driving in the garden state.
Greg Vince

Red light runners, stop sign runners, no signaling, left lane slowpokes, and the incredible amount of traffic
Gloria Manchester

Left lane dicks, tailgating, people that don’t use turn signals, driving on the GS Parkway.
Chris McKelvey

Coleen Burnett

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