It’s kind of sad what has happened to Trenton, New Jersey. Once a thriving center of enterprise and manufacturing, Trenton is now — well it’s kind of hard to put it into words.

Unfortunately, Trenton has become a center of urban blight but it also represents a more serious blight: The economic kind, foisted upon the people of New Jersey because of some inane policies dreamed up by our state Legislature.

The historic bridge that people referred to as the Trenton Makes bridge has emblazoned upon it what used to be a perfectly appropriate motto for Trenton. It says: Trenton Makes The World Takes.

A recent Reddit thread asked a perfectly pertinent question: If Trenton no longer makes anything that the world takes, what should we change that famous slogan to?

We decided to pose this question to our listeners.

We love Trenton. We understand its charm and its character so we in no way want to disparage the city or its residents. Rather, we were concentrating on the Trenton that is represented by our Statehouse land, and the legislation therein.

And boy, oh boy did the snarky answers roll in. We had to continue taking comments for an extra hour because everyone wanted to get their two angry cents in. Some of the highlights are below. I’m sure that you can come up with your own.

  • 1

    Trenton forces what the CDC endorses

  • 2

    Trenton sucks, it takes our bucks

  • 3

    Trenton chooses, New Jersey loses

  • 4

    Trenton – As crooked as Murphy’s teeth

  • 5

    Trenton: Deception on the Delaware

  • 6

    Trenton uses what the world refuses

  • 7

    Trenton: What happened?!

  • 8

    Trenton takes.

  • 9

    Trenton: Take cover

  • 10

    Trenton makes … me embarrassed

  • 11

    Trenton: Porkin’ people for over 100 years.

  • 12

    Trenton: Because Hell is full

  • 13

    Welcome to Hell— Trenton: One floor down

  • 14

    Trenton: The Capital that steals our capital

  • 15

    Trenton takes ‘till your wallet breaks

  • 16

    The world thinks Trenton stinks

  • 17

    Trenton takes what the taxpayer makes

  • 18

    Everyone knows Trenton blows

  • 19

    Trenton takes what China makes

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