We've had a lot of fun on the air recently making fun of the pharmaceutical companies for coming up with the worst names for their new medications. I guess they're running out of ideas. Some of the medications' names sound even scarier than the diseases they were created to cure. And what's amazing is that some of these bad names actually MADE the cut: The FDA rejects four out of every ten drug names that are presented to them for approval.

Gone are the days of simple, lyrical names like Lyrica, (See what I did there?), Allegra, Pristiq, and Soma. Today’s medicines sound like the marketing people just phoned it in. And let's face it: With the amount of drugs out there just waiting to be prescribed, they had to run out of vowels at some point.

If we had a contest for the worst, most offensive drug names ever, these would have to make the list!

  • Acifex: A gastrointestinal remedy, this one is probably supposed to sound like "Acid" and "Effects", but it unfortunately sounds out like "Ass-effects". Just BAD.
  • Vagifem: Subtlety, anyone?
  • Philith: This unfortunately named contraceptive pill sounds a little too much like "fill-it". Which isn't that bad when you consider that it also sounds like “Filth.”
  • Carfilzomib: If you’ve never heard of this one, be thankful. It's a leukemia drug. Known more commonly by its non-scientific trade name "Kyprolis" (no better, in my opinion). Particularly galling because it's named after the researchers who developed it. “Carla” and “Phil”.
  • Taltz: For psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, Taltz is a popular drug. The name is horrible. It sounds like a disease. “I’m sorry to tell you this ma'am, but you have Taltz.” Either that or it's a body part someone wants to show you that you don’t wanna see.
  • Ozempic: it's either a new diabetes drug or the first name of the guy who owns the convenience store around the corner. And not the brand name convenience store, either.
  • Kevzara: His brother, down the block (It's actually for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Qtern: It's another diabetes drug that clearly needs to buy another vowel. Are they just messing with these poor diabetes patients?
  • Juluca: It’s an HIV drug, so why am I craving a frozen one in a glass with a little umbrella in it?

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