Here are 10 ideas for the perfect date in New Jersey:

  • Margate - Rent a boat, grab a bottle of wine and your best girl or guy and bring them out to enjoy some of the beautiful Margate waterways. Whether it’s the beach or lakes Margate is the more civilized little sister of Atlantic City and it’s beautiful!
  • High point - There’s nothing more romantic than the gorgeous vistas that can be enjoyed from High Point. Grab a picnic lunch and take a hike. See the sights. You won’t believe you’re in Jersey!
  • Smithville - Historic Smithville is unlike any other NJ downtown. You truly do have to travel outside of New Jersey to see anything like it. It’s quaint, historical and beautiful. Take a stroll down its main street or hop into some shops you’ll love it.
  • Laurita Winery - NJ’s fabulous wine industry is always underrated. Doesn’t it make sense that our state would produce quality fine wines? We are the garden state after all. With elegant music playing in the background it’s a perfect date spot.
  • Cape May Bed & Breakfast - Enjoy the beauty and elegance of Cape May's Victoriana, while hitting the beautiful beaches on the same weekend. It’s a win/win.
  • Picnic & hike the Delaware water gap - A Jersey treasure, the towns along the Delaware have beautiful areas for hiking, biking and picnicking, not to mention cool picturesque waters to frolic in.
  • Festivals - We are the festival capital of the country! From The Ocean Township Italian festival, Lambertville Shad Festival to the Belmar Seafood festival, there’s always somewhere to bring a date for rides, fireworks and good old festival food. (And some haute cuisine, too!) Is there anything more romantic than riding a carnival ride on a moonlit summer night?
  • Grounds for Sculpture - As unique as we are, the Grounds for Sculpture is something that you have to see to believe. It is acres of gorgeous landscaping interspersed with beautiful lifelike sculptures. It’s adjacent restaurant, Rats is one of the finest in the state. Makes for a great day and night.
  • TopGolf Edison or Mt Laurel - Even if you’re not a golf pro it’s a great place to hang out have dinner and drinks in your private suite and tee off. Think of it as the modern day version of bowling.
  • Randolph Gun Range - I don’t know anyone who didn’t get a little excited about the prospect of getting out onto a gun range just for a day of shooting. This is a very unique day and will show your significant other that you are a little creative and edgy. Afterwords sto for dinner at one of the beautiful restaurants in town

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