Boys playing contact sports is a very positive thing for their development. The idea that we have a society that wants to coddle and over-protect kids is making our country weaker and ill-prepared for real adversity.

The all out attack on football is doing a disservice to all of us doing our best to raise the next generation of men. Men need to be tough and should be trained as such. Men have a role to play as protectors of our future.

I've talked about the differences between men and women for many years on the air both on radio and TV. Men have a duty to protect women when they are vulnerable. Since as far as I know, biology hasn't changed and women who choose to have children will go through a 40 week period where they have a huge responsibility caring for another life, men need to step up.

Men and women have different roles and neither seem to be respected in our gender-neutral society. I've talked about empowering women who want to stay home and raise their kids with tax credits and other financial incentives to help. It's not for everyone of course, but why the need to tear down gender roles? What happened to respecting all decisions that people want to make for themselves and their families?

What does this have to do with tackle football? Everything.

How can we expect men to step up when we are coddling the next generation of men by letting them think we should react to fear by quitting and running away? Fear of getting hurt has caused a backlash among society "do-gooders" to avoid any activity deemed "dangerous". The problem? Football is not as dangerous as the detractors say.

There is a difference between brain injury and CTE. There is a way to treat concussions and avoid injury through proper techniques. But instead of embracing the fact that we need our men to toughen up and learn those traits as young boys, we are being taught to avoid adversity and cower in fear of getting hurt. This is dangerous and a disservice to generations of men who will be weaker and less capable than generations before them.

At least when discussing the hatred of tackle football, discuss facts and not fear based on fiction. Dr. Peter Cummings joined me on the morning show to discuss the facts about football and the false narrative being taught to parents and kids and popularized in the media. Take a listen and lemme know what you think. #SaveTackleFootball

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