A 1983 story about fledgling politician Chris Christie has surfaced as what Slate calls "the most ironic student newspaper story of 2014."

Headlined "Bridge to be open for graduation," the yellowed news clipping from the University of Delaware's campus paper quotes student government president Chris Christie's assurances that a pedestrian bridge over a campus road would not be closed for construction until after the school's June 1984 commencement.

"The bridge itself and traffic crossing it will not be affected until January 1985," young President Christie told the campus paper. "There will be no impediment for June 1984 commencement, at least as planned now."

Rediscovery of the article is duly credited by Slate (and us) to Hunter Walker of Talking Points Memo, who has apparently taken an interest in Chris Christie's formative years as a campus political figure.

A 1983 article from the campus newspaper at the University of Delaware quotes future New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie bringing good news about a bridge.