It took days to convince our producer Joe Votruba to actually bring in the rollerblades. The same rollerblades he's only been on once in his apartment when he landed on the floor. Hard.

But today he brought them in to give us an in-studio demonstration of how he's trying to learn rollerblading. Now the semi-interesting thing is it's not even like he wanted to learn how to rollerblade. He moved into a new apartment splitting the rent with his friend and it's the new roommate that demanded he learn to rollerblade.

Sadly this reminds me too much of the time I was seeing someone who liked to ski and she wanted me to go skiing. I tried. Three times. I took a lesson. I failed so miserably I never even mastered a bunny slope. Sad.

So today at the beginning of the show Joe gamely slipped into his inline skates and showed that he has absolutely no ability to do this. He belongs in rollerblades as much as he belongs in an operating room performing neurosurgery. But hey, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Check out the video of what happened and decide for yourself. Then take our poll and let us know how you think he did.

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