We are experiencing a nasty cold snap in Jersey. As I write this (It's just after midnight on Friday morning) it's 4 degrees outside my window. Hey that's not bad! Thursday morning at 7 am it was 0 degrees where I live. And that's without wind chill.

That's nothing compared to what the Midwest is going through. I was at my local Walgreens tonight and talking with a woman at the pharmacy who told me her friend was on a business trip in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her friend's rental car wouldn't start. The feels like temperature there with the wind chill? 62 below zero.

Yet as cold as it seems right now, is this close to the coldest New Jersey has ever gotten since we've tracked this stuff? Not even close.

The coldest day and the coldest spot ever recorded in New Jersey was on January 5, 1904 in River Vale. That's in Bergen County. The air temperature, before you even got to any wind chill, was 34 below 0. Not 34 below freezing mind you, which would be -2 degrees. No, we're talking -34 degrees. So as bad as this is, the record for the coldest day ever in New Jersey weather history has held for 115 years and counting.

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