Most of us at one time or another have sung along with Paul McCartney while driving, but this week, James Corden will do it in person as he takes his Late Late Show to England for a week. The drive will take place in Liverpool with Beatles songs as well as songs from Paul's new album. He also turned 76 today!

Too bad they couldn't have Paul McCartney sing along with Jersey drivers. Road rage would disappear, although driving while stoned could rise. I asked my social media following whom they would like to sing along with in a car and here are some of their thoughts followed by my comments...
Mike Darkwater: "Brian Wilson"... I'd be too busy asking him questions
Kelly Terrana: "Stevie Nicks"... Just like the white winged dove...
Christine Lynne: "Rick Springfield, Jessie’s Girl"
Tom Madden: "Tom Petty- Free Fallin"
Martin Stephens: "Janis Joplin!"... Interesting...
J.R. Stanton: "Ozzy"... all aboard!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Potts: "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir"... Just getting them all in my car would be fun.

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