We haven't had quite the start to summer that we've come to expect around New Jersey. The weather hasn't gotten quite as hot as it can this time of year, but that's sure to start happening come July and August.

So if the weather continues to be mild (albeit with some ungodly humidity lately) it promotes the opportunity to get outdoors and check out what nature has to offer!

Only a short trip from New Jersey you can find both Dingmans Falls and Raymondskill Falls. They're located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Delaware Township Pennsylvania.

If you couldn't tell by the name, both of these places are waterfalls that provide gorgeous views of the area around them, as well as the waterfalls themselves.

Raymondskill Falls actually happens to be the tallest waterfall in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to poconomountains.com,

"The three-tiered Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania located on the Raymondskill Creek. It has two viewing platforms: one near the head of the falls and one at a large step that divides the upper two drops from the lower. The trail leading to the top of the falls is dramatic as the water cuts through the escarpment."

I've seen videos of this place on both YouTube and TikTok and it looks breathtaking.

The same goes for Dingmans Falls, which is the second highest waterfall in PA.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to the website:

"The boardwalk ends at the base of Dingmans Falls, the second highest waterfall in Pennsylvania with a plunge of 130 feet."

Both of these trails and waterfalls seem beautiful, and they can be great outdoor adventures before the weather warms up.

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