A few years back on the trip to Sicily my friend's mom said she was making potato salad as part of our dinner.

I love potato salad! We knew it would be somewhat different than what we are used to since the Italians are not real big on mayonnaise. But what we got was very different and very delicious.

Since we are in Jersey tomato season and potatoes are always around, it’s the perfect time to mix the two together.

Along with some other very Mediterranean ingredients and what you get is a delicious blend of flavors. And in this one you actually taste the potato. Along with so many other savory flavors. I've seen a few variations of this recipe, but I find this one the most authentic and tasty. After you cook the potatoes, this is what you want to do:

How to make Sicilian potato salad

If you're looking for a great summertime side dish with a different twist, this one knocks it out of the park. Not that any real Sicilian from Sicily would know what that means.

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