I've been thinking about the recent prison escape of Arthur Buckel — a man who in the 1990s slapped a baby to death, served his time and only a few short years later wound up back behind bars for more violent crimes.

Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

I'm in favor of work details, like the one Buckel apparently escaped from at the Ancora Hospital of Bayshore State Prison in South Jersey last Tuesday (before being found Monday morning, a little after my show on New Jersey 101.5). Though I've got to wonder ... why not chain these guys to each other?

Are we too soft on prisoners? Do we let them out too early? I think it's obvious that in many cases, the answer to both is yes..

People talk about the problems with Megan's Law — about people winding up on New Jersey's sex offender registry for minor crimes and being branded for life. I'm in the minority: I think Megan's Law was unnecessary and problematic. Let's forget about tiers and grading risk for people we release. It seems obvious to me — if a person commits a violent crime against a child, and there's any chance he'll offend again, shouldn't that person be behind bars for life?

I think the solution to prison overcrowding is simple: Build more prisons.

Let’s stop being so soft and emotional. I’m sick and tired of hearing the conditions of prison. The violent people behind bars belong exactly where they are.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to Nathan — he's been a prisoner himself.