Every time I learn something new about our producer Joe Votruba I'm a little more confused. On Monday Bill Doyle had to be off and Joe filled in for him. This usually leads to some strange conversations. At one point I questioned why he was eating Flaming Hot Cheetos out of a bowl with a spoon. The answer of course was so he wouldn't get Cheetos fingers and get anything messy. Courteous, sure, but weird.

Within seconds of Joe justifying this oddity he admitted to another one. That he started eating spaghetti with scissors.

Once I stopped laughing he explained it was a new thing he recently invented that he thinks will catch on because it's so clever. You know how when he twirl up the spaghetti on your fork there's always those long strands that hang down? He explained he doesn't like to just slurp and suck those up. So one day at work while eating spaghetti in addition to the fork he grabbed a pair of office scissors. No, he didn't even sterilize them. He just...started...using them.

Kylie Moore was so horrified watching this spectacle she recorded it then made this GIF out of it. Take a look.


He says he's never going back to eating spaghetti without scissors again. Prays this catches on across America. I want to see him go to Olive Garden and ask the server for a pair of scissors. I will pay to see this happen.

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