You can fight. You have rights. And because of the courageous actions of thousands of parents and medical choice advocates, including some in the New Jersey Legislature, the exemption for religious reasons still stands in New Jersey. Here's a link to the statute — click HERE.

One of the groups that offers resources for people who need support standing up to the tyranny of big pharma is the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccine Choice. Check out their website HERE.

If you need legal help with your fight to protect your medical freedom and the freedom for your kids, here is a group offering support and help. You can sign up to speak to an attorney and print exemption notes that will help you maintain your independence from big pharma and uphold your constitutional rights as an American.

Check out the legal resources available HERE.

Please read this open letter to colleges and universities. The article provides resources that you can use to refuse the mandatory vaccine. Click HERE.

The fight in New Jersey continues. New Jersey doctor Craig Wax joined me on the show to discuss the lawsuits that are building nationwide and the way you as a parent can stand up and protect you and your family.

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