One mayor stands alone against the talking points from the Democratic majority acting as if everything is just gonna be OK. Listening to the governing majority in Trenton, you’ll think that NJ Transit is fixed, the roads are fine, taxes are reasonable and our economy is booming. Of course none of that is true.

Now to be fair, Mayor Steve Fulop is not taking on the majority directly, he’s not campaigning against anyone and he is not saying a negative word about his fellow democrats. What he is doing is acting.

The former US Marine turned political leader is sick and tired of how unreliable NJ Transit has become. And it hasn’t gotten any better despite the rhetoric from Governor Murphy who called the agency a ‘disgrace’ during the campaign.

Fulop, has brought in a private company to provide buses for residents who can access the transportation through an app on their phone. It’s more reliable than NJ Transit and cheaper than Uber. As of now, the company provides six passenger vans for residents who use the app.

Good on Mayor Fulop for having the courage to act in a practical way delivering a service that Government should be providing.

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