Earlier tonight, we chatted about the grossest foods you've ever eaten or seen on a menu.  I thought I was pretty adventurous in my eating, but a bunch of you definitely blew me out of the water.  For instance, I've eaten haggis, which consists of a sheep's heart, liver and lungs cooked in a casing of the sheep's intestines, but the thought of eating octopus while it's still alive like they do in Korea or a rat burger, such as the one a guy said he ate in Mexico, turned my stomach just a bit.  What about the woman who called in and said she ate a caterpillar in Zimbabwe or the guy who ate  prairie oysters aka bull's balls in the south? For me, picturing the fertilized duck egg one guy ate from his Filipino friends perhaps made me lose my appetite the most.

Anyway, you obviously don't need to be this adventurous with your food choices, but I do believe a good part of a great relationship is having similar eating styles.  You both don't need to enjoy the same exact foods, but I think it's fun to keep an open mind and be willing to try new foods and restaurants.  Isn't the best part of going out to eat with your partner being able to eat off your plate and pick off  theirs?   That's why sushi makes such a great date food.  As much as it can be messy trying to shove the whole roll in your mouth at once, I like the idea of being able to share your food and having the opportunity to try many different flavors in one meal.  Others may hate having their partner pick off their plate...that's why you need to have food compatibility...a question that should be a part of online dating sites!

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