According to new research published via Springer, American adults are having less sex than ever. And one of the reasons could be due to the amount of entertainment we have at our fingertips at any given time, at least according to one researcher.

Jean Twenge tells Fortune, "Entertainment is more entertaining now, it’s more on demand — you can access it anytime you want.” She admits it may be a hunch for now, but the fact is we have more distractions from sex than ever before. A seemingly unlimited well of music, movies and TV shows are all available within one or two clicks.

Another takeaway from Jean Twenge's interview in Fortune is in regards to Tinder. “Tinder supposedly makes it easier to have sex on tap, but it’s pretty well established that people with a steady partner tend to have sex more often,” she said.

Let's address "Netflix and chill" first. NOT a good way to engage in sexual activity... with me at least. I may accept your invitation to cuddle and binge watch a TV show with you, but there's a 95 percent chance I will be so drawn into whatever we are watching, I will turn down any move you make on me. Not necessarily because I'm uninterested, but because I don't want to miss anything happening on the screen. Especially if it's "House of Cards" or some show that you have to pay close attention to. But then on the flip side, there are a select few shows that do go well as sex background noise if music isn't an option. Shows like "The Office" and "Family Guy" come to mind immediately. Shows like that could make one last a bit longer in bed thanks to humor serving as a timely distraction. That's an A+ Joe V sex tip right there. Feel free to use it.

As far as Tinder and dating apps are concerned, I guess sex is easier to come by if you match with a person who lives in close proximity to you and is horny at the exact same moment you are, but that isn't going to happen every time you log on. In fact, depending on where you live, it may never happen! Maaaybe I'll use dating apps to see if there are any eligible bachelors in my area that I would want to go on a date with, but the awkward interactions that go with having a stranger come over to touch you inappropriately or vice versa never seem worth it to me. But maybe I'm just a weirdo.

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