This isn't like Trump Vodka. Or Trump Airlines. Or any of the other defunct Trump businesses. This one is using Trump's name but is not run by Trump. It's called and it's just what it sounds like. A dating site for like-minded people who support Donald Trump.

David Goss dreamed this up after he was inspired by a now idle You can guess who the Bernie is.

Why bother dating someone only to find out three dates in that they're not in favor of building a gigantic wall along the U.S. Mexico border? This does the vetting for you. You know going in you'll be in the company of someone who wants to make America great again.

In fact the singles site's slogan is "Making Dating Great Again," but wouldn't "Making America Date Again" have been better? Goss says they have 24,000 people signed up with more expected. I wasn't so sure when I saw or, but now that there's a, this is a niche that is sure to be a hit! Who wants to fall in love with some loser who believes a nuclear arms race would be a bad thing? Pansies!

For $19.99 a month or $159.99 for a full year's service you can be sure your date hates political correctness just as much as you. Have fun on your first date imitating disabled people together (maybe make a game of it guessing the famous disabled person "ooh ooh Stephen Hawking?") or just go straight for grabbing her by the p****.

This site is going to be huge. I'm telling you, HUGE. Other failing dating sites are filled with ugly losers who believe in paying taxes. SAD.

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