Wrestlemania is coming to the Garden State later this week.

Governor's Office
Governor's Office

The event is projected to create at least $100 million of economic activity in the Garden State.

"WWE has an incredible fan base all around the country and draws huge TV ratings, and sells out most arenas where they perform. This is their one event a year -it will have an incredible economic impact to New Jersey, and particularly to the region," according to Wayne Hasenbalg, CEO of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

He points out fans from all around the world literally will be arriving this week in New Jersey, just like you see for a Superbowl, for approximately six days worth of events that are involved in Wrestlemania week.

"There's going to be an incredible impact on the hotels and restaurants, and there's going to be an incredible amount of merchandise that's going to get bought."

Hasenbalg says this is certainly one of those really big events that New Jersey is pleased to host, and tickets are going to be a little tough at this point.

"Ticket sales reflect the popularity of this event. Over 120,000 tickets for all the events have been sold, which means, 'Maybe this is something to look at- I'm really looking forward to it.'"

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