At any moment any one of us could be caught up in a situation that is life-threatening.

For one woman swimming off the beach in Hatteras, North Carolina, it was a rip current that carried her out into the ocean. Lucky for her, New Jersey State Trooper Craig Kempinski was on the beach enjoying his vacation with his family. His wife noticed the swimmer in apparent distress and the trooper wasted no time.

Grabbing a boogie board, he sprinted into the surf and then made the 200-yard swim to rescue the swimmer in distress. Goes to show that our strong, brave and well-trained troopers are always at the ready to protect and serve.

It's an honor to recognize the valiant efforts of our law enforcement community every week on the show. This weekend, while you're relaxing and enjoying a few hours off with family and friends, take a minute to enjoy the fact that you live in a place where courage, sacrifice and commitment to the protection of complete strangers is the creed of our State Troopers.

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