Think about it. If your dog killed another dog would you have it euthanized? The owner of two pit bulls in Linden may be mulling that over today.

Two pit bulls are on a 10-day hold by the township after authorities say they apparently got loose and attacked and killed a Shih Tzu.

Police officers happened to witness the entire thing and they quickly intervened in the dog attack, they say. Linden PD says the dogs never tried to attack the officers and were easy to rein in. But according to police, the injuries suffered by the Shih Tzu were severe enough that the dog later died.

Say what you will about pit bulls being more aggressive than other dogs or capable of more damage. While it is certainly true that breeds that fall under the pit bull category are responsible for more fatal attacks than any other, we can save that debate for another day. Because any breed of dog can get aggressive. These particular dogs had no known history of causing any problems. And it’s believed they may have gotten out of a multiple-family residence by somebody forgetting to close a door.

So again, keep in mind this could happen with any breed. Therefore this is a question any dog owner might have to face. And even if authorities gave you back your dog after it killed another animal would you think about euthanizing it on your own?

Personally, I would. Unless there were very crazy extenuating circumstances I feel like an act so violent that left unchecked could only end up making the dog more aggressive later. It’s a heartbreaking thing to think about. But I’m sure the person who lost their Shih Tzu in Linden is pretty heartbroken, too.

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