There's a condo complex in East Orange that is having a problem with residents not scooping up after their dogs. Now as a former dog owner, I understand it's awkward to make that walk back home holding the "bag of shame," but if you're a decent human being you do it. If you're a selfish jerk you leave it on someone else's lawn and make it someone else's problem.

The condo has a solution. They now are demanding all dog owners who live there submit a DNA sample of their dog that the condo will keep on file. When someone doesn't clean up after their pooch, a little CSI detective work is done and badabing badaboom, you find your culprit. (I'd hate to be the guy who gets THAT job!)

What if a resident refuses to hand over a DNA sample? A one hundred dollar fine from the condo office followed by weekly fines of two hundred and fifty bucks. That's a thousand dollars a month. I think they'll comply.

Is it worth it? Or is it some invasion of pooch privacy? I also thought what if local governments found a new revenue source by doing the same thing? If you own a dog, you have to register it with the city, right? How about along with that your town also made you give a dna sample so they could also fine disgusting dog owners who don't clean up after their pets?

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